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In this page we will customize the WiX installation template with specific information to make a unique installer to your theme:
  1. Create 3 new GUIDs ( you can use
  2. Open the ThemeInstaller.wxs in your favorite editor
    1. Replace each occurrence of PUT-GUID-HERE with a GUID from above
    2. Customize the following tokens with something related to your theme/company:
      1. {__MY_COMPANY_NAME__}
      2. {__MY_DESCRIPTION__}
      3. {_MY_COMMENTS__}
      4. {__MY_PACKAGE_NAME__}
    3. For Office 2010 ... update the following line to 14 instead of 12 <Directory Id="OfficeThemeFolder" Name="Document Themes 12">
  3. Make sure that your theme is called MyTheme.thmx and is placed in the following location {[OfficeThemeInstaller-Home]\ThemeSource\MyTheme.thmx}
  4. Update WiX Path
    1. Edit CreateInstaller.cmd in your favorite editor and update the WIX_BIN entry to point to the relative or absolute path to WiX toolset
  5. Open a command prompt
  6. Navigate to{[OfficeThemeInstaller-Home]}
  7. Run the CreateTheme.cmd

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